Hammersmith Grove Residents Oppose Storm Relief Sewer Plan

And launch a petition against siting it in Astrop Terrace and Grove

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Petition - Say No to the Sewer!

Thames Water Counters Creek project

Thames Water Consults Residents over Counters Creek Storm Relief Sewer


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Residents of Hammersmith Grove have launched a campaign against the possible siting of a storm relief sewer in Astrop Terrace and Hammersmith Grove itself.

Thames Water has just held a series of public consultations about possible new sites for the Counters Creek sewer, which it says is needed for our sewer system in this area of London to cope with storms without causing basement flooding.

These alternative sites are:

Thames Water says the Counters Creek sewer flooding alleviation project involves the construction of a new storm relief sewer to safeguard 1,700 homes and businesses that have flooded in recent years when heavy rain overwhelmed drains and sewers, forcing sewage to back-up in the pipes and overspill out of toilets and sinks.

Hammersmith Grove Residents Association however, say they are opposing plans to use their local area because:

In the short term:
15 months of drilling through concrete 7am-7pm weekdays, 7am-1pm Sat
Followed by 2 months of 24 hour construction work
25 lorries everyday, reversing up Hammersmith Grove and Richford Street

In the long term:
Vents from the sewer will cause pollution. Sewer gas emissions are dangerous to health.
It effects the Hammersmith Conservation Area and trees will be damaged.

The Residents Association say: " We do not oppose the construction of a relief sewer in principle as this is needed but oppose its construction in residential districts. Even Thames Water have said that the site has been assessed as less suitable with regards "in engineering, planning, socio-economic and community, and property terms. It is also noted that the site is considered less suitable with regards specifically to noise, air quality and flood risk."

A petition has been launched saying No to the Sewer! Residents are also asking local people to respond to Thames Water's consultation online.

You can follow the campaign on Hammersmith Grove Residents Association Twitter account and find further information on Thames Water's project including its reasons for recent changes here.

June 12, 2015