New Kings Road Café Manager Abuses Hygiene Inspector

Aromma cafe angry at being given poor rating

A Aromma Cafe on the New Kings Road

The manager of a Fulham cafe has given a foul-mouthed response to an inspector who gave his restaurant a low hygiene rating because she found fruit flies breeding in a fridge.

Aromma cafe on New Kings Road was given a hygiene rating of one by Hammersmith and Fulham Council. When the Local Democracy Reporting Service contacted Aromma cafe, a man who identified himself as the manager but only gave his name as Pat, labelled Hammersmith and Fulham’s hygiene inspector “a b****”.

He said: “We were told the inspector was a b****. There have been issues with them in the past.

“The fridge was not being used. I was waiting to take them out. [The inspector] found dead fruit flies in there. If they came back today or tomorrow they will find a different story to the day they came.”

Pat also claimed that the cafe was being renovated at the time. The cafe was further penalised for having other dirty fridges, food containers and chopping boards.

A hygiene inspector wrote, “High level of fruit flies seen in the downstairs fridge. The small fridge in the basement has very high level of fruit flies breeding inside.

“Flies carry diseases which affects food safety therefore you must clean and sanitize the fridge, then deploy a pest control contractor for possible treatment and recommendations.”

An inspector also noted that the wall behind the grill was dirty as well as chopping boards and food preparation surfaces. The sink in the service area was out of place while a second sink where food was prepared had been removed.

There was also no hot water in the staff toilet. The cafe was further penalised for having kept takeaway boxes in a dirty part of the shop.

The cafe said there were no members of management present when the inspector visited, and that it has solved all of the issues in its hygiene report. The venue is hoping to be reinspected soon.

Jacob Phillips - Local Democracy Reporter

November 22, 2022