Hygiene Inspectors Not Impressed with Seven Seas

Mouse droppings found at Munster Road Chinese takeaway

Seven Seas on Munster RoadA Seven Seas on Munster Road. Picture: Google Streetview

A Chinese takeaway in London has been given a poor hygiene rating after inspectors found mouse poo and flies in the kitchen. Seven Seas in Fulham was given a one out of five grading by Hammersmith and Fulham Council following a food hygiene inspection on 29 June.

Inspectors found a used ashtray and “greasy and dirty” conditions inside the restaurant on Munster Road, a council report obtained by the Local Democracy Reporting Service said.

The inspector said food wasn’t prepared or kept safely, with raw and cooked food stored uncovered in the same fridge. The inspection was carried out after a customer complained, according to the report.

Sauces were stored in room at ambient temperature. Picture: Hammersmith and Fulham Council

It adds, “Throughout the business, food was stored uncovered and thereby at risk of contamination. Examples included raw beef in a freezer, cooked chicken in a fridge, and buckets of sauces at ambient [temperature] under a counter… this inspection was prompted by a complaint by one of your customers that their food contained a foreign body. In my opinion, the many examples of food stored uncovered provided multiple opportunities for this contamination to occur.”

Photos taken during the inspection show mouse poo on the floor, buckets of uncovered sauces and tubs of meat kept without lids in a fridge. The report said: “Mouse droppings were seen throughout, i.e. in the back room on the raised wooden platform, in the middle room on the floor and in the front kitchen behind the stainless steel work surface.

“Other than several glue traps there was no evidence that any pest proofing or pest control measures were in place… Much of the premises was greasy and dirty.”

Flies and mouse droppings were found at the premises
Flies and mouse droppings were found at the premises. Picture: Hammersmith and Fulham Council

The report revealed there were “several large house flies” in the restaurant. It adds: “There was no means to deter entry to flies nor to kill them once they had entered the premises. As there was food left open in the kitchen, flies landing on food is a serious risk of contamination.”

The inspector found a member of staff who was handling food had not been given proper hygiene training and the same chopping board was being used for raw and cooked meat. They also said it wasn’t possible to tell how old a lot of the food was and a sink was being used to store a pan when it should have been used for hand washing.

The inspector told the restaurant in their report, “You had a large amount of pre-prepared high-risk food held in your refrigerators without any way of determining how old these products were and when these should be disposed of… Your procedure for the cooling of high-risk foods, e.g. cooked duck is too slow.”

The business was ordered to sort out a stock control system and come up with a quicker cooling method for cooked food. They were also told not to smoke in the restaurant, undertake a deep clean of the premises, train all staff in food hygiene, use separate chopping boards, and install hanging chains or keep doors closed to keep flies and mice out.

Hammersmith and Fulham has nearly 2,000 eateries. Just three businesses have a hygiene rating of zero, 17 have a rating of one and 1,300 have a rating of five.

A member of staff from Seven Seas hung up when the Local Democracy Reporting Service called them for comment.

Hannah Neary - Local Democracy Reporter

September 27, 2022