Residents Unhappy About Swimming Pig Licence Application

Claim tap room would add to existing problems on Walham Grove

Residents complain of noise and congestion on Walham Grove
Residents complain of noise and congestion on Walham Grove. Picture: Google Streetview

April 26, 2023

Angry locals who say they are fed up with people urinating in their gardens when football games are played nearby have blasted plans for a new ‘tap room’ called Swimming Pig to open on their street.

Residents on Walham Grove in Fulham said their front porches are littered with urine and empty beer cans when matches at nearby Chelsea Stadium kick-off and are opposing plans for the business which includes an off-licence to operate on the street, council documents show.

One resident said, “We already have to contend with significant antisocial behaviour on the street at night with disorderly behaviour as people leave a number of the drinking establishments. Often underaged people are drinking and smoking outside JRK and Pappa Johns as there tends to be a congregation. Adding a licensed establishment will only fuel more behaviour and change the nature of the street.”

Another said, “Street does not have any public toilet facilities which implies our front gardens will be used as mobile toilets (as is currently the case post-Chelsea matches!).”

A third added, “We live a couple of doors down with our small child. The noise from people, peeing in our garden and other nuisance from existing pubs in the area is already a big issue.”

The licensing application to Hammersmith and Fulham Council drew in 34 complaints with some locals also concerned about traffic and cars getting damaged due to late-night anti-social behaviour.

One person said, “We suffer hugely from the fact that the road is not one way, we have massive congestion down this road that causes huge anxiety to the residents.

“Most of us have had our cars damaged. Many of us often are exposed to cars tooting and road rage because the traffic on a daily basis comes to a standstill with drivers at a stand-off.

“I have personally had my two cars damaged. I have personally had to go downstairs and direct traffic to get it moving and this new business attracting more late-night drinkers will do nothing but exacerbate an already terrible situation.”

Another said, “My Audi has been damaged numerous times. And most days there are lines of cars/vans trying to pass each other. I have seen motorbikes using the pavement when the road is busy. And lots of verbal fights and road rage”

Others highlighted the murder of Salim Coulter, 24, who was shot dead in Walham Grove on November 5, 2016, in front of his friend after having had a meal with them by a rival drug dealer.

One worried resident wrote, “We already had someone murdered in front of that location a few years ago. We definitely don’t want that or any violent behaviour to happen there again. This is a residential street.”

Another said, “There are a lot of teenage/young girls on the street including my own daughter and there is already a certain amount of ‘leering’ and unwelcome attention from the gang who gather at the North End Road end of Walham Grove and this certainly won’t reduce with the introduction of alcohol.”

The Swimming Pig is a “tap room” and off-licence specialising in beers looking to operate out of 61 Walham Grove from 9am till 10.30pm most days but will only sell alcohol from midday onwards.

The shop owner, Ms Collette Brown, has promised to comply with a number of demands put forward by the Met, including making sure alcohol isn’t sold off-premises two hours before a football match, that CCTV is installed and that most beers being sold are mid-strength. They’ve also promised to use plastic cups on match days and assess the need for security.

Ms Brown was approached for comment but had not provided one at the time of publication.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council will hand down a decision during a licensing meeting on 2 May.

Adrian Zorzut - Local Democracy Reporter