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Prolific Murderer - Harold Jones?

Further to the B.B.C. 4 documentary Dark Son - The Hunt for a Serial Killer being broadcast nationally at 9.00 pm on Tuesday February 12.  South Wales Police are actively pursuing forensic opportunities to link Abertillery-born Jones to the murder of 12 year-old Swansea school-girl Muriel Joan Drinkwater, 3 months after he left the army in 1946. A third cold-case team are actively researching Jones' possible involvement in the murder of Ignac Ulycz in Putney in August 1965. See information below from my book "Who Was Jack the Stripper? The Hammersmith Nudes' Murders."(At 10.45 pm on Sunday 15 August 1965, Mr Ignac Ulycz was fatally stabbed outside his own front gate at 323 Upper Richmond Road Putney...........Maddalena Ulycz told the police the assailant was between 50 and 60 years old. (Jones was 59.) Another witness said that the attacker had run around the corner into Colinette Road and just seemed to vanish into thin air. (Jones had been living in 20 Colinette Road.)The Wandsworth Boro' News of Friday 24 September 1965 reported on the inquest into the death of Mr Ulycz.........."The man who killed Mr Ulycz........may have been insane or a psychopath who every now and again feels the desire to attack someone in this way" suggests the Coroner Mr Gavin Thurston.)The fact has now emerged that Jones was living at 20 Colinette Road Putney using the name Harry Stevens while AT THE SAME TIME registered as living at 51 Aldensley Road Hammersmith under the name Harry Jones.

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