An Innovative Concept In Domestic Cleaning

TidyChoice offers a fair deal to both householders and cleaners

“We have found that if the cleaners are not satisfied, the customers don’t get the quality of service expected. The best cleaners work independently to maximise their income and we are unique in allowing them to choose their own hourly rates, work locations and hours of work,” says co-founder Ana Andres. TidyChoice attracts the best local independent cleaners to its platform in order to provide the best service to customers. “We are committed to attracting the very best cleaners and keeping them happy”, says Andres.

TidyChoice was cofounded by Fulham-resident Colin Weston and Lambeth-resident Ana Andres when they found it difficult to source a good, reliable cleaner. “We searched for a trusted cleaner through many different services but always ended up with a random stranger coming to the home providing an inconsistent service”, says Weston. TidyChoice is a unique marketplace solution, an Airbnb for domestic cleaning that allows customers to browse, choose and book their preferred cleaner on line so they get a tailored personal service.

Cleaners on the platform are fully vetted by TidyChoice, identity and reference-checked, and are rated by other customers. “In a few clicks, families and individuals can choose a trusted cleaner exactly matching their requirements. We guarantee the quality and the trustworthiness of cleaners and also provide an easy payment process”, comments co-founder Weston. TidyChoice optimises cleaners’ available working hours and minimises their travel time and costs through the use of algorithms.

Technology is a cornerstone for the business but is not the only value added for customers and cleaners. “Our business uses technology to help customers get a tailored service. Whilst no business today runs well without the right technology, our business is not only about our technology and algorithms, it is about providing an excellent service for everyone“, says Andres.

Like taxi and minicab services before it, the vast and fragmented domestic cleaning market is about to be revolutionised by new business models. TidyChoice is at the forefront of this revolution by providing the best solution in the market for both householders and cleaners.


November 4, 2014