Six Pilates Is Launching On Monday 5th October

Providing the truly unique offering of physio and Pilates in one class.

39 Harwood Rd, London, SW6 4QP

Do you want a class where ALL the exercises are specifically tailored to your body and you can actually SEE if you’re working your core?

Look no further! Six Pilates is launching in October and provides the truly unique offering of physio and Pilates in one class.

The addition of physiotherapists to Pilates is a game changer. A qualified physiotherapist has a deep understanding of biomechanics which means he/she is able to spot when an individual compensates or ‘cheats’ during a Pilates class and will help them correct it immediately, which prevents injury and improves efficiency of the exercise. In fact, by eliminating compensatory movements (such as that griping neck or tense shoulder) and achieving isolated muscular activations you can get the same effect of a 1 hour gym session in just 20 minutes!

Six Pilates is the only UK clinic which uses real-time ultrasound scans so you can see your core in action. Before starting a class, the physio will assess your core muscles and tailor all exercises based on your personal weaknesses and strengths to ensure you get the most out of every session.

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to neutralise muscular imbalances and improve their core stability, flexibility and endurance. The physios will work with you to achieve your own personal goal, whether it’s to overcome the negative effects of on your glutes from sitting in an office all day, to improve your running efficiency for the next half marathon or to treat a muscular strain or pain.

Six reasons Physio-led Pilates is different from normal Pilates

• Expert knowledge - The physios are qualified Pilates instructors and tailor each exercise to your body
• It is machine based – The resistance created by using springs can target specific muscles for more of a strength focus or alter the resistance to work on your body’s stability.
• Core Stability – Physiotherapists use real-time ultrasound scan to check the activation of core muscles.
• Injury prevention – The symptoms of niggles and pains will not only be addressed but the cause of the problem can also be identified to prevent injury.
• More intense – Under the supervision of a physiotherapist you can work on eliminating compensatory movements to achieve isolated muscular activation and get the same effect of a 1 hour gym session in just 20 minutes!
• Increase athletic performance – Physio-led Pilates targets the small ‘local’ muscles which coordinate and control the movements of our more powerful muscles and therefore improve your strength, endurance and ultimately performance.

Six Pilates is a new physio-led Pilates service which will be launched on Monday 5th October 2015 from their refurbished studio which is just a 2 minute walk from Fulham Broadway (39 Harwood Rd, London, SW6 4QP). Six Pilates is a branch of Six Physio, London’s leading independent physiotherapists, who are based across the Capital and South East England. For more information about Six Pilates please visit and check out the offers during launch week.


October 2, 2015