Finding the Best Vacuum Cleaner for You

Tips for your home from renowned brand Vax

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When seeking to purchase a new vacuum cleaner for the home, most people will just look for an updated approximation of their old one, without weighing up whether it's actually suitable for their floors, which is something you need to consider. The two main types you have to choose between are the upright and the cylinder vacuum. Read on to get an idea of what vacuum cleaner will best suit you and your home.

For Carpets

Carpets, while latterly less fashionable, are still mainstays of many homes and like with any interior fashion that's fallen from favour for a while, it will no doubt be making a comeback – not least in the UK, where cosiness is a real boon in this predominantly chilly country. Carpets are best served by upright vacuum cleaners. There are various reasons for this – mainly that their manoeuvrability is the best and they suck up dust and dirt spread over a larger space very quickly – a real consideration if you have large rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting. Even if your carpeted rooms are small, an upright will have the job done in no time, leaving you to get on with the more pleasant things in life.

For Hard Floors

The popularity of laminate flooring has grown and grown in the last 20 years, and is pretty much the standard floor covering for newly-built homes and flats in the early 21st century. While uprights can do the job on these floors pretty adequately, a cylinder vacuum cleaner is a better bet here, as they are less likely scratch the floor, since the body of the vacuum will remain static the majority of the time while you suck up dirt with the pipe – unlike with the upright, which is pushed back and forth constantly. The smaller pipe attachment is ideal for getting up close to the walls, which matters quite a lot with laminate floors, as dust tends to gather in the corners and between furniture more. Cylinder vacuums also tend to come with more extra attachments (for hovering upholstery and furniture among other things) and have greater suction, as well.

For Smaller Homes

An upright is probably a better bet for smaller homes for the simple fact that they are fundamentally easier to store. Hand-held vacuums are also worth looking into, and are ideal for studio flats that are not carpeted and have minimum storage space. Not like the feeble car vacuums of old, there are many powerful hand-held vacuum cleaners on the market these days.

A vacuum cleaner is an investment, so it's worth considering your surroundings before you choose and pay for one. It should give you years of service, so ensure you're paying for something appropriate for said job.


July 31, 2013

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