Westfield Applies for Outline Planning Permission for Extension

Plans include new retail, restaurant and community space plus up to 1,347 homes

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Westfield has applied to Hammersmith and Fulham Council for Outline Planning Permission for its planned extenion to the north of the current shopping centreon Ariel Way in Shepherd's Bush.

The application is for:

Outline Planning Application (all matters reserved) for the comprehensive redevelopment of the site comprising a mixed use scheme to include demolition of existing buildings and associated structures, the closure and alteration of highways, engineering works and construction of new buildings (ranging from 2 - 23 storeys) and structures (including podium) up to 87.975m (AOD) to provide up to 61,840sqm (GEA) (net increase) retail use (A1) including an anchor department store; up to 8,170sqm (GEA) restaurant and café use (A3 - A5); up to 2065sqm (GEA) office use (B1); up to 1,600sqm (GEA) community/health/cultural use (D1); up to 3500sqm (GEA) leisure use (D2); and up to 1,347 residential units (up to 127,216sqm (GEA)) (C3); plus creation of a basement, an energy centre together with ancillary and associated development, new pedestrian routes and open spaces, cycle parking, car and motorcycle parking and vehicular access and servicing facilities.

You can see full details of the application and the associated documents on the council's website

The application follows last month's long expected confirmation that John Lewis will open a flagship "anchor" store in the planned extension, creating around 600 local jobs. You can read this full story here.

It also follows the fifth anniversary of Westfield London's opening in Shepherd's Bush on October 30, 2008.

If planning permission is granted, the new extension is due to open in 2017.


December 6, 2013