World's Most Advanced Tanning Equipment Comes to Fulham

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The Tanning Shop on Fulham Road has opened its doors this month to reveal fabulous new equipment and an image to match. 

It’s not every day you can achieve great tanning results without the risk, but sure enough the Tanning Shop have made the impossible possible with the fantastic new Ergoline Affinity and the Sun Angel.

The Affinity takes an analysis of your skin using the IQ sensor. This allows the system to vary the UV output of the machine according to your skin type to ensure no over-exposure and fantastic results.

The Sun Angel does what the Affinity does, except twice as well. The Sun Angel is the only sunbed in the world to not just vary UV output according to skin analysis; it actually blends the UVA and UVB according to how best your skin tans.

The result? Perfect, natural, long lasting tanning results like
never before.

Alternatively you could ask one of the Tanning Shop's highly qualified tanning consultants for advice about the tanning time most suitable for your skin type. The appropriately nicknamed King of Verticals, the Alisun, gives you excellent tanning results.   

I think we can all conclude that the future of tanning has most certainly arrived!

April 29, 2010