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Campaigners fighting Thames Water's plans to build a major access site for the Thames Tunnel, or super sewer on Fulham's Carnwath Road are urging residents to attend a new drop in session being held by the Planning Inspectorate at Hurlingham and Chelsea School on January 30.

The campaigners - a group of residents who have teamed up to form a protest group called Stop Them Shafting Fulham say:

The Planning Inspectors want to hear from YOU personally about Thames Water’s application to locate a major drive site in Carnwath Road.

So they can listen to people who were unable to attend or speak at the first Hearing, they have arranged an
Thursday, 30 January
Hurlingham & Chelsea School, Peterborough Road
Registration from 6.30pm Hearings from 7pm - 9pm

The use of Carnwath Road would bring major disruption to our lives and local businesses for eight years or more. The Planning Inspectors have not yet formulated their recommendations to the Secretary of State so it is vital you come to the meeting to tell them of your concerns.

Even if you attended the first Hearing at The Worx, please endorse your objection to the use of Carnwath Road by coming to this second Hearing

The Examining Authority is taking a forensic approach to their consideration of Thames Water’s planning application for the Tideway Tunnel. They are asking some extremely pertinent and detailed questions, including what adverse impact would result from the use of any of the proposed tunnel sites. Very specifically, they are now comparing the use of Carnwath Road versus Barn Elms as a main drive site.

This has been an unexpected and encouraging development and both the Carnwath Road Coalition and the Council have been and are submitting strong arguments against the use of Carnwath Road.

Over 150 residents attended the first local Open Floor Hearing on the morning of 20th November. This was an extremely visible and impressive turn-out and greater than at other such open floor hearings.

21 people spoke, all of whom presented strong arguments against the use of Carnwath Road. A summary of the meeting is available on the Peterborough Road and Area Residents' Association website.

It is therefore significant that the Planning Inspectors have arranged a second Open Floor Hearing in the evening and we urge everybody to try and attend, whether or not you wish to speak. If you spoke at the first Open Floor Hearing, you can speak again as long as it is on a different topic as they will have made a note of your first submission.

Numbers are important because this is the last chance for Fulham residents to make the point that they are united against Thames Water’s selection of Carnwath Road over Barn Elms. As there is an alternative site, the Planning Inspectorate has the option to refuse planning permission for Carnwath Road.

Let’s fill the hall at Hurlingham and Chelsea School so it is standing room only !

Please offer to escort any elderly friends or neighbours to the meeting if they are reluctant to go out after dark.

The Council have also proposed an alternative drive strategy prepared by consulting engineers which would avoid the use of either Carnwath Road or Barn Elms.

Quite exceptionally, the Council have been given permission to cross-examine Thames Water on this matter at specific hearings on Wednesday 22 January (with the following day Thursday 23 January if necessary) at the Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close London SW1 9DD.

Hammersmith and Fulham are represented by their Barrister and a representative from the American Engineering company CDM Smith who are advising them on the latest tunnel technology.

This other session is also open to everyone. Registration is 9.30am onwards and the hearing starts at 10.30am.


January 16, 2014