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Campaigners fighting Thames Water's plans to build a major access site for the Thames Tunnel, or super sewer on Fulham's Carnwath Road are urging residents to attend a drop in session being held by the Planning Inspectorate on Thursday May 23 at the Wharf Rooms in Imperial Wharf.

The campaigners - a group of residents who have teamed up to form a protest group called Stop Them Shafting Fulham- say: " Please consider joining us there as a larger turnout will demonstrate community concern and engagement. Do remember that the Inspectorate is not Thames Water - ie: we don't want to antagonize them. We just need to impress on them that Carnwath Road is unacceptable as a major industrial drilling site."

The Planning Inspectorate, a government body which investigates large planning applications will explain at the session how it intends to scrutinise the 50,000 page planning document for the Thames Tideway Tunnel, or super sewer.

The drop in session will run from 5pm till 7pm with a presentation and Q&A session between 7pm and 8pm.

The campaigners say: "The Planning Inspectorate is holding a short (one hour) presentation to explain the registration process in (a lot of) details. The process and timeline are also explained and there’s an opportunity to ask your questions."

They are also encouraging people with views about the Thames Tideway Tunnel to register as an interested party with the Planning Inspectorate to take part in the examination of the application.

You can register until May 28 on the Inspectorate's website or call the helpline on 0303 444 5000.

Say the campaigners: " The form has space for you to explain what the impact of having the super-sewer main drive site at Carnwath Road would mean to you and your family on a daily (and nightly!) basis for seven years. Be candid but remember to remain courteous – the Inspectorate is independent from Thames Water.

" Even if you think the super-sewer is a done deal (we certainly don't but Thames Water would love you to!), you need to register, as otherwise TW will have it all their way."

Hard copies of the full documentation are available on Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) from 9am till 5pm at Linden House, Upper Mall in Hammersmith as well as London Rowing Club on Putney Embankment and Wandsworth Town Hall.

The full hard copy documentation will continue to be available at Linden House until the Planning Inspectorate has concluded its examination of the proposals. This is expected to take about six months from the date of the Preliminary Meeting, which is expected to take place in September.

A DVD of the documentation is also available free of charge, and it can be scrutinised online via the Planning Inspectorate's website.

The Planning Inspectorate confirmed last month that the application for Development Consent for the super sewer, submitted by Thames Water on February 28, was valid. That meant the Inspectorate has accepted that Thames Water’s consultation for the project, which started in September 2010, was adequate.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council, which has consistently opposed the Thames Tunnel project, including Thames Water's selection of Fulham's riverside for a major construction site, is also urging local people to attend the drop in session and register with the Inspectorate.

H&F Council Leader, Cllr Nicholas Botterill, says: " It is absolutely crucial that local people, whose lives will be blighted by this scheme for many years, continue to make their voices heard.

"Not only should they attend the drop-in sessions but they should also register with the Planning Inspectorate as this is the only way that individuals can be involved in the examination of the plans."

The Planning Inspectorate says that once registration closes, the next stage is the Preliminary Meeting. This is expected to be held by the Examining Authority, a panel of up to five inspectors appointed by the Planning Inspectorate, in September 2013.

The Planning Inspectorate's examination of the proposals is expected to take about six months from the date of the Preliminary Meeting. Once that is concluded, a recommendation on whether or not to grant approval will be submitted approximately three months later to DCLG and DEFRA Secretaries of State.

The final decision is expected in late summer/early autumn 2014. If consent is granted, preparatory construction work on the project is scheduled to start in 2015, with main tunnelling due to begin in 2016. The target completion date is 2023.

May 21, 2013