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Campaigners who are fighting Thames Water's plans to build a major access shaft to the proposed Thames Tunnel, or super sewer as it is nicknamed, in Fulham's Carnwath Road are calling for a Day of Action on Saturday, January 28 - the day Thames Water are holding an extra consultation event in Hurlingham and Chelsea School.

The campaigners, who say they are a coalition of individuals, groups and interests including: Stop them Shafting Fulham (SSF), Residents Against the Sewer (RATS), Peterborough Road and Area Residents' Association (PRARA), Friends of South Park, Fulham Society, Fulham Riverside West Partnership who represent the landowners of the site and London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

The campaigners will be in two locations from 9.30am till 4.30pm; Fulham Broadway and Sainsbury’s in Sands End with the aim of gathering as many responses from the public as possible, and asking people to complete postcards to send to Greg Hands, our local MP, and to Boris Johnson to put pressure on them to ask Thames Water to think again about their plans for Fulham.

At Hurlingham and Chelsea School in Peterborough Road meanwhile Thames Water are holding an additional drop-in session on Saturday from 10am till 4pm.

This extra exhibition follows previous sessions held in Fulham in December.

Thames Water say they are proposing to use the land to the south of Carnwath Road and in the foreshore of the River Thames for construction work and to accommodate permanent structures required to operate and maintain the main tunnel.

The site would be used to drive the main tunnel to Acton Storm Tanks and receive the tunnel boring machine from Kirtling Street. We would also need to use it to receive a long connection tunnel, driven from Dormay Street.

The proposed site incorporates Whiffin Wharf, Hurlingham Wharf and Carnwath Road Industrial Estate, which Thames Water collectively refer to as Carnwath Road Riverside.

Thames Water have produced an image of what the building on the Carnwath Road site, currently used for open storage, may look like.

The campaigners say that people who are not around for the action day can still help by filling in their questionnaire, which can be completed in less than five minutes, by February 10. They will ensure these responses are send on to Thames Water.

This questionnaire, a shortened version of the one produced by Thames Water can be found here.

If you would prefer to take part in Thames Water's own consultation, go here.

January 27, 2012