Race for Life Comes to Wormwood Scrubs

Women in Hammersmith urged to join in

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Race for Life


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Cancer Research UK is urging women in Hammersmith to get into step with Race for Life.

Race for Life, which comes to Wormwood Scrubs on Saturday July 10 is the UK's largest women-only fundraising event and invites women of all ages, shapes and sizes to walk, jog or run the 5k course.

This year, women who fancy a bigger challenge are also being offered the chance to go round the course twice and complete a 10k course.

All the money raised by Race for Life goes to fund Cancer Research UK's life-saving work.

And, says the charity, getting active and taking part also benefits the participants.

A spokesperson explains: " Becoming more active has benefits that will go on well after the event, as research shows that even regular, moderate physical activity can help reduce the risk of cancer.

"Moderate activity is anything that leaves you feeling warm and slightly out of breath – it can be anything from a brisk walk to a spot of gardening.

" Being physically active could help to prevent thousands of cancer cases in the UK every year. Not only does it help to maintain a healthy body weight but it also has a protective effect in itself. Studies show that it can reduce the risk of bowel cancer by a quarter and the risk of breast cancer by 20-40%."

Cancer Research UK is encouraging 3,000 women to enter Race for Life at Wormwood Scrubs. When they register they will have the option to take part in the 10k course, without having to pay an additional entry fee.

Louise Needham, Hammersmith Event Manager for Race for Life, says: " Many women are put off entering Race for Life because they think they won’t be able to complete the route. But we know that women often cover several kilometres on an average shopping trip, without even realising it, so taking part in Race for Life is definitely achievable."

Cancer Research UK has teamed up with celebrity fitness trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read and devised training plans for the race, which can be downloaded free from the Race for Life website.

Race for Life in Hammersmith is a new event for 2010 and organisers are hoping that 3000 women will help hit a fundraising target of £261,000.

To enter Race for Life, and download the free training plans, visit Race for Life. Women can also enter by calling 0871 641 1111.


April 30, 2010