Metre Long Python Found Freezing to Death in Hammersmith

Snake nicknamed Ebenezer now doing well at Mayhew Animal Home

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Ebenezer thaws out

Mayhew Animal Home


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The Mayhew Animal Home says its latest resident, a one metre long baby Royal Python is doing well after being rescued from a chilly fate in Hammersmith.

The snake, nicknamed Ebenezer by staff at the home, is thought to be around a year old.

Ebeneezer was found freezing to death on a pavement in Avonmore Road and was taken by a concerned passer-by to Fulham Police Station.

The Mayhew, in Kensal Green says police officers then swiftly brought the snake into the home, where it has been since been thawing out in a warm corner of the office.

The snake, nicknamed by our staff as Ebenezer, will stay at the home before going on to a suitable reptile rescue centre.

Head of Animal Welfare, Gillian Notton, says: " Ebenezer was freezing and had run out of energy but otherwise seems to be in good health.

" If it had been left out another night it would have died or would have been run over. We’ve put it in a warm place to get heated so Ebenezer is now thawing and chilling out in a cat basket beside the radiator in the office.

" Ebenezer’s temperature is getting back to normal. We’ll look after the snake and then it will go to a reptile rescue centre when it’s recovered."

You can find out more about the Mayhew Animal Home and meet more of its residents here.

December 11, 2015