John McIntosh Arts Centre Presents A Soldier's Song

Theatre of war in all aspects comes to Fulham for one night only

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A Soldier's Song 


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The John McIntosh Arts Centre at London Oratory presents A Soldier's Song on Saturday July 13, at 7.30pm.

A blistering first hand account of a soldier at war. Adapted from his own book by Guy Masterson, Ken Lukowiak tells it like it was.

Featuring a pounding authentic soundscape by Gina Hills, it brings the battlefield to the stage in an extraordinary work of theatre; to kill or be killed, to cower from the shells.

This is the theatre of War in all its facets, invoking the horror, terror, shame, black humour, futility and tedium of a soldier's life on the front line and the lingering effects of Post Traumatic Stress.

Deeply disturbing and frightening at times utilising a pounding, totally authentic multi-directional soundscape, it is also extremely funny, employing the dark "squaddie" humour to offset the darkness.

The brutal demotic language and reality of the battlefield is brought to vividly to life.

The John McIntosh Arts Centre is in the London Oratory School, at the southern end of Seagrave Road.

Tickets cost £10. Call 020 7385 2110 for more information.


July 12, 2013