Do You Have a Winter Coat You No Longer Want?

Donate it at town hall or local branches of Chesterton's

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If you have an old winter coat - adult or child - that is still in decent condition, now's the time to donate it to the Calling London Winter Coat appeal.

London Calling say: " We collect clean, unwanted winter coats that are still in good condition, then sort them into sizes, and then we redistribute them to charities across London. They, in turn, hand them out to those Londoners who need them. The donated coats are not sold, simply given out.

" Do you have winter coat you just don't need / like/ want anymore? Any puffa jackets that the children have outgrown, but are still in good shape? Please donate them!"

Last year the charity collected 2,000 coats and this year they hope to increase that to 3,000.

Calling London works with schools, businesses and councils to collect unwanted winter coats for those in need. This year Hammersmith and Fulham is among those councils, providing a drop-off points at Hammersmith Town Hall or the H&F Advice Centre at 145 King Street from Monday November 2 to Monday November 23.

Over 30 Chesterton's branches have offered to help as donation centres this year, including:

Fulham Munster Road, 020 7471 2020 191 - Munster Road
Fulham New Kings Road, 020 7731 4448 - 78 New Kings Road
Fulham Road, 020 7384 9898 654- Fulham Road

Calling London will then sort the costs into sizes, and redistribute them to charities across London.


October 30, 2015