Annual Voter Registration is Here Again

Residents asked to renew registration online

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Hammersmith & Fulham Council is asking residents to help save taxpayers' cash by renewing their voter registration online.

Every year at this time, residents are asked to register or renew their registration by providing details of everyone in the household who is eligible to vote.

Forms will be delivered to every address in the borough by Tuesday August 28.

The council explains that everyone who is eligible to vote must ensure that their name appears on the register of electors.

You can apply to be added to the register, or have your details amended, at any time during rolling registration.

Additionally, H&F council conduct an annual canvass between September and November when they write to every household in the borough to confirm the details for every resident who should be included on the register.

While you can return the completed form in the post, the council is urging people to use the security number included in the form to register online.

August 23, 2012