Fulham College Schools Score Highly in GCSEs

Head praises hard work and commitment of students and staff

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Bernie Peploe and happy students from Fulham Cross School

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The students at Fulham College Academy Trust, the "umbrella" organisation for three schools - Fulham College Boys' School, Fulham Cross Girl’s School and the innovative Fulham Enterprise Studio for 14-19 year olds have been celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results.

Fulham Enterprise Studio students were the first at the school to set national exams, and achieved highly in their chosen specialist subjects.

82% of those studying Performing Arts and 75% of those specialising in Construction achieved an A* equivalent.

Overall, 100% of students achieved A*-C grade equivalents in these subjects around which many are planning a career or further education, in line with the very "hands-on" approach to learning and real-life work experience provided by the Studio School system.

At Fulham Cross Girls' School, 81% of students achieved five or more A* to C grade GCSEs – 64% with English and Maths and at Fulham College Boys’ School, 100% of students achieved five or more A* to C grade GCSEs, 38% with English and Maths – an expected dip in the recent upward trend, as turbulence in the examination systems begins to bite across the UK.

Further highlights in individual subjects include 93% A* – C in English Literature, 96% in Art and Design and 92% in Religious Studies for Fulham Cross Girls’ School and 100% in all Sciences, 92% in Religious Studies and 91% in Sport Studies for Fulham College Boys’ School.

Many individual students have shone out in their success, achieving excellence in every subject. To name but a few, at Fulham Cross Girls’ School with a raft of A*s and As, Amna Ahmed, Greta Kaqi, Bana Mustafa, Sarah Daoudi, and Dina Jundi and at Fulham College Boys’ School, Ali Najmi, Darren Eshan, John Ashley Pascal and Tasim Bahsmaby.

Earlier this year, Fulham College Boys’ School secured a place in the top 1% of schools nationally, a full percentage point up on last year, with Fulham Cross Girls’ School in the top 3% – also 1%, according to the Government’s value-added league tables.

Value-added tables measure students’ progress between leaving primary school and sitting GCSEs. They are considered by many specialists the most accurate indicator of the quality of education provided.

Says Bernie Peploe, Executive Principal, Fulham College Academy Trust: " Changes to the examination and assessment systems after these students began their GCSE studies have no doubt impacted on overall statistics, but we are delighted at the excellent first round of results for Fulham Enterprise School and at the continuing success of our Fulham Cross girls and Fulham College boys.

" Their hard work and commitment and that of the teaching staff is reflected in the excellence of their achievement.”

August 25, 2014