RSPCA Announces Plans to Close Putney Animal Hospital

And hospital says it is longer registering new clients

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Putney Animal Hospital


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The RSPCA have announced that they are "with great sadness" planning to close the Putney Animal Hospital. They say the facility has been selected for closure because most of the pets treated have owners and they want to focus on the care of animals without owners.

The value of the land on which the hospital sits has risen substantially in recent years and the RSPCA's intention is to sell it.

A spokesperson for the charity said: " The RSPCA has to target those animals most in need of our help and streamline our frontline services. As part of this process Trustees have considered all options very carefully and are now proposing to close Putney Animal Hospital and three London clinics and relocate most of the services offered to other areas in London."

The RSPCA claim to have faced increased demands on its services and income derived from legacies has fluctuated in recent years. The proposal to close Putney Animal Hospital and three London clinics is part of an overall restructure, which would also see veterinary services offered at other clinics.

They hope to keep "most" of the "dedicated and much-valued staff" through redeployment opportunities opening up at the other London sites.

The RSPCA says: " Evidence-based work has been done on redirecting our services to the animals most in need of our help, those picked up and rescued by our inspectors. Most of the animals treated at Putney Animal Hospital have owners. The charity proposes to concentrate its work on those areas of London where it can have greater impact on those animals that do not have owners."

An article in last Sunday's Mail on Sunday speculated that the clinic has seen donations dry up due to its association with Rolf Harris, the Australian comedian who was recently jailed for sex offences, as his BBC series Animal Hospital was based at Putney. However, the RSPCA have made no link between the closure and Rolf Harris.

As many of the animals treated at the hospital belonged to people on low incomes who could not afford vet bills there is concern that they may be forced to give up valued pets.

The hospital meanwhile has announced on its website that it is no longer taking on any clients and advises people to find alternatives.

The announcement says:

Due to a proposed organisational re-structure, we will not be registering any new clients with effect from Monday, 26th January 2015. This will be until further notice.

We will continue to provide treatments for our existing clients, but we will NOT be registering any new/additional animals for those clients. We will continue to treat animals in need of emergency treatment.

Below are listed alternative veterinary services in the local area to Putney. Please note that you may need to check for alternative veterinary practices in your own local area if you do not live near to the hospital or do not wish to use these:

PDSA 0800 731 2502 (Charity vets)

The Blue Cross Victoria Animal Hospital 0300 777 1890 (Charity vets)
Sheppard House, 1-5 Hugh Street, London SW1V 1QQ

Celia Hammond Animal Trust 0207 474 8811 (Charity vets)
151-153 Barking Rd, London E16 4HQ or 233-235 Lewisham Way, London SE4 1UY

Woodthorpe Vets 020 8788 8224 (Private vets)
153 Lower Richmond Road, London SW15 1EZ

Roehampton Veterinary Clinic 020 8789 4000 (Private vets)
1 Treville Street, London SW15 4JX


January 30, 2015