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Council consults residents across borough about local roads

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Over 20,000 residents in five areas across our
borough are being asked for their views on transport in their neighbourhood as part of a council consultation.

People living around Dawes Road, Fulham Broadway Town Centre, Parsons Green, Scrubs Lane and Wormholt Park and local business owners, are being asked by Hammersmith & Fulham Council what they would like to change, improve or introduce to the roads and environment where they live and work.

The neighbourhood improvement consultations are only open to people in these specific areas, and all residents and businesses in the areas have already received letters and the surveys. All responses must be returned to the council by Friday, March 18.

The council says these latest surveys are part of a wider plan to consult the whole borough, area by area, over the coming years to find out how to improve the local transport headaches people face. It also echoes the current council campaign called Get H&F Moving, which encourages residents to tell the council what they want to see

H&F Council cabinet member, Nick Botterill, says: " The council has a plan to get the borough moving but we also need the help and feedback of local people to make sure we get this right. I have been really pleased with the range of suggestions that we have received so far, including some already from the local neighbourhood improvement consultations.  I hope that we get many more over the coming weeks and months, as we take all suggestions and ideas on board.

" Our transport department is sifting through all the comments and the best ones will be debated at a transport summit later in the year."

During the past year, the council has carried out several similar successful consultations and has been continuously working on projects to make changes, as suggested by residents themselves, in the areas of Wendell Park, Brook Green, South Park and Ravenscourt Park.

Improvements to the areas include removing speed bumps, de-cluttering pavements, re-laying footpaths and improving access to roads – all of which have been made possible with funding from Transport for London.

Work in and around Brook Green and South Park has now been completed, while work to Wendell Park, which is becoming a 20mph limit area following concerns from residents, is likely to be finished by May.

Last week, changes began in Ravenscourt Park, with enhancements to the fire barrier on Ravenscourt Park Road and improvements to the footway on Ravenscourt Road and near the tube station. That work is expected to be completed by the end of March.

As part of the Get H&F Moving campaign, a "listening cab"– sponsored by local estate agent Horton & Garton –  is touring the borough on Saturday March 12 inviting residents to air their views on local transport issues.

Local people can come along and speak to councillors and the council’s transport experts in the borough’s three town centres, at:

10am – 11.30am, Shepherds Bush Library, Wood Lane
12pm – 1.30pm, Lyric Square, Hammersmith
2pm – 3.30pm, Vanston Place, Fulham

To take part in your local neighbourhood consultation or to sign up to Get H&F Moving campaign, visit the Get Moving website..

March 7, 2011