It's Time to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

The green way to clear up your festive clutter

Council Collects over 2,500 Christmas Trees

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Wondering what to do with your wilting Christmas tree?

Hammersmith and Fulham Council says that last year residents helped to recycle 60 tonnes of trees, which were composted and put to good use, and it is aiming to do the same again in 2014.

The council says if your recycling and rubbish is collected in sacks from outside your home, leave your real Christmas tree in your front garden or outside your property for recycling. It should:

- be clearly visible from the street, not hidden behind walls or plants etc. 
- not cause an obstruction on the pavement 
- have no decorations left on it.

Trees must be ready for collection by midday on your normal weekday collection between Thursday January 2 and Wednesday January 15, but they will not be collected until the afternoon of your collection day.

There are also designated collection points where you can take your trees.

These include:

  • Fulham Palace Road Cemetery (opposite Queensmill Road)
  • Loris Road Community Gardens
  • New Kings Road (on edge of Eel Brook Common)
  • Normand Park (opposite Lillie Road entrance)
  • Ravenscourt Park (by the football pitch)
  • Wormwood Scrubs car park (off Scrubs Lane)

January 1, 2014