WingLights Could Be a Lifesaver for London Cyclists

Hammersmith and Fulham entrepreneurs produce the first indicators for bikes

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Three local entrepreneurs have come up with a simple, practical invention which could help make cyclists safer on the streets of London.

The three - Luca Amaduzzi and Agostini Stilli, both based in Hammersmith and Simon Bardrick, who lives in Fulham - are the team behind Cycl, a start-up company which aims to create innovative solutions for cycling safety.

Their new product is WingLights, indicator-like amber blinkers which can be snapped on and off the end of handlebars of bicycles and which can be carried around as a key-ring when detached.

They say the WingLights' high visibility LEDs, turned on and off with a simple tap, ensure that cyclists are clearly visible from the front, rear and side and in all light and weather conditions.

The team, all cyclists themselves, say WingLights were inspired by their own experiences feeling unsafe and uncomfortable on the capital's roads and by accident statistics which show that 75% of cycling accidents happen at junctions.

They realised that hand signals are simply insufficient on today’s crowded roads, especially while turning at busy junctions where cyclists are frequently not seen by motorists.

They say WingLights offer cyclists more presence on roads, allowing visibility from over 10 metres away, thus dramatically reducing the chance of an accident.

Company co­founder Luca says: " Our aim is to make the world’s roads safer for cyclists. We believe WingLights will reinforce bike presence on our roads and prevent the chance of accidents."

Cycl is already supported by the Oxygen Accelerator programme at the Google Campus London, and has now launched pre­sales start on Kickstarter. For more information and video of the WingLights in action visit their Kickstarter site.

November 20, 2014