Have You Returned Your Census Form Yet?

Householders have till Wednesday before collectors call

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More than half of all census forms have now been returned to the processing centre, and householders have until Wednesday, April 6 to complete and return their forms.

" This is a fantastic response," says 2011 Census Director, Glen Watson. " I thank everyone who has responded promptly and remind others that if you haven't returned your form yet, please do it now.

" For the first time people have been able to complete their questionnaire online. The feedback we've had is that it is quicker and easier and I'd encourage people to try it. Doing it quickly and doing it online helps us keep costs down."

After Wednesday, an army of 30,000 collectors will set out across the country to contact those who have not responded. Collectors will offer help and advice to those who need it and will supply replacement questionnaires if they have been lost or damaged.

They will also remind people that their census response is required by law.

"Having responses from over 13 million households already is really great, and ahead of expectations, but we want everyone else to make sure they are counted too.

"The census is important to all of us, as it is used to help plan and fund a range of services for communities such as transport, education and health," said Mr Watson.

April 7, 2011