Statues Damaged by Vandal Restored to Former Glory

And returned to their rightful places in park and cemeteries


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Statues in Bishops Park and several local cemeteries which were damaged by "senseless" acts of vandalism have been returned to their rightful places following repair work.

Several angel statues were beheaded and a total of nine statues damaged during a string of night-time attacks in Margravine Cemetery, Bishops Park, Fulham Cemetery and All Saints Church in October and November last year.

CCTV footage reviewed by police showed a lone male attacking a monument at the Margravine Cemetery on November 10.

Following the completion of repair works, the statues have recently been reinstalled.

During the two-week crime spree, The Wedgewood Statues called Adoration, Protection, Leda and Grief together with a later statue, Affection were knocked from their plinths in The Moat Garden at Bishops Park on the October 28.

The kneeling nude statue on the island in Bishops Park was also damaged. All required considerable restoration.

" The reinstallation of the repaired statues is great news,” said Nigel Pallace, Interim Chief Executive for Hammersmith & Fulham Council. " These were baffling, senseless attacks on much-loved memorials commemorating the dead."

The Friends of Margravine Cemetery, who reported on the damage to some of their angel statues on their website, expressed their delight at the repairs by tweeting @MargravineCem: "Our angels have all been restored. Thank you very much."

Police believe the vandal, who only ever struck after dark, climbed over walls or railings to access the parks and cemeteries. Parks Police ramped up patrols following the attacks but he was never caught.

Regular patrols will continue in the parks and cemeteries throughout the spring following the repairs.

Anyone who sees an act of vandalism, or anyone behaving suspiciously in the borough’s cemeteries or parks should call the police immediately on 999.

Anyone with information on the attacks, should contact The Parks Police Service on 0800 3655 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

April 10, 2015