Sex Offender Banned from Buses Within M25

After admitting in court exposing himself to eight young women

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A 51 year old man has been banned from travelling on any buses within the M25 while on bail, following a court appearance where he admitted exposing himself to young women while travelling on a range of buses.

Premlal Merenchige Salgado from Chessington admitted in Kingston Court that he exposed himself to eight young women over a two year period on eight bus journeys between October 2010 and 2013.

The defendant used a backpack to prevent other passengers from seeing what he was doing. He admitted to masturbating on bus numbers 10, 26, 65, 74, 213, 452 and the number 85 bus in Putney in October 2010.

He was identified as the offender by police using his Oyster card records, cctv and DNA from a semen stain on one of the buses.

His eight victims were all women aged between 16 and 26. The prosecutor, Stephen Apted, told the court in Kingston:
" The defendant would board the bus, would always sit on the lower deck right at the back of the bus, and select a victim who was sitting at the back."

Salgado is unlikely to be remanded into custody. Judge Judith Coello told him: " These offences do merit a term of imprisonment, but the court will look at all sentencing options."


August 15, 2013