What if Santa Called in Sick?

NHS Plus Adviceline helps businesses cope with winter illnesses

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What would happen if Santa called in sick on December 24? Everything is running smoothly, all deadlines are being met, then suddenly a key member of staff phones in sick. It could make a world of difference. What can you do? Along with the pressures of running a small business, managers are often thrown into the role of dealing with a range of complex health issues, such as coping with an employee who is off work for a long period of time with back pain, or someone who frequently takes days off sick, or trying to support a staff member who wants to keep working but has physical or mental ill health concerns.

NHS Plus now runs a FREE, confidential Adviceline that will connect you with a health expert on all physical and mental ill-health issues. Rather than just directing staff to their GP, you can call 0800 0 77 88 44 for immediate advice. We know all about the new Fit Note too. For further info and to find out how much sickness absence could be costing your business, go to www.health4work.nhs.uk. We’re here to help.