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Nine candidates are standing in the brand new constituency of Chelsea and Fulham, with the main parties facing challenges from some newcomers and independent voices.

Here are the faces behind the names on the ballot papers.

Greg Hands MP

Conservative Party: Greg Hands is well known in Fulham, where he has been the MP in the old constituency of Hammersmith and Fulham since 2005. He has also been the Shadow Treasury Minister since January last year.

Greg, who lives in Fulham with wife Irina and children Helena and Martin, has campaigned aginst the third Heathrow runway and for zero tolerance policing and an overhaul of the licensing laws.

Alex Hilton

Labour: Alex Hilton made his name as a political blogger, with his website Recess Monkey. He was Labour councillor for Newbury in the London Borough of Redbridge until 2006, and also stood as the Labour parliamentary candidate in 2005.

Alex, who who got married in February this year is campaigning to clean up politics after the expenses scandal, change the voting system to abolish safe seats and stand up for vulnerable people in the local community.


Dirk Hazell

Liberal Democrats: Dirk Hazell was the chairman of the London Tory Party, until he defected to the LibDems in 2008 to support Brian Paddick's campaign for Mayor. He also runs the industry body championing recycling and future green economic growth.

Dirk was born locally and says he has known Chelsea and Fulham all his life and values the area's unique qualities. He campaigns for extra police officers on London's streets, the abolition of ID cards and and a more balanced transport policy, with far more reliance on railways for national travel.


Julia Stephenson

Green Party: Julia Stephenson has stood as parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in Kensington and Chelsea during the last two general elections and three council elections. She is well known in the green world, writing on the subject for several newspapers. She has also written two books with a third, The Green Goddess Diaries on the way.

Julia has installed solar panels on her home and has applied to add a windmill, which will allow her to manufacture her own electricity. Julia campaigns to improve public transport - including the river bus service - ban 4x4s from congested London streets and to create new green jobs in Britain.


Tim Gittos

 UK Independence Party: Tim Gittos is CEO of Artannes Capital in London which he founded in 2003. He advises banks and hedge funds on their investments and has been an active campaigner against abuses of minority shareholders. He is presently contracted to a broker in Paris, where he lives with his French wife and three children, but has pledged to move home to England if elected

Tim, who joined UKIP last October, says he lived in Chelsea for several years, and knows the local area well. He campaigns against the EU and mass immigration and for referendums to be held on all major issues.


Godfrey Spickernell

 The Blue Environment Party: Godfrey Spickernell has chosen Chelsea and Fulham to launch a new party which he hopes will become a national movement. With the slogan A new green politics for right thinking people, the party hopes to attract people it calls Blue Greens, who care about the environment but find the Green Party too left wing.

Godfrey campaigns against individual carbon footprints and for new taxes on fossil fuels, with a complete ban following in 20 years. He also supports the development of both renewable and nuclear energy.


Roland Courtney

 New Independent Conservative Party: Roland Courtenay is a 53 year old project manager and analyst who has launched his own party to "resurrect moral values for the good and great people of the United Kingdom regardless of colour, creed, religion, sexuality and title".

Chelsea resident Roland includes scrapping current government targets and unnecessary paperwork, establishing of an Army Cadet College and no further redundancies at Royal Mail among his proposed policies.


George Roseman

English Democrats: George Roseman went to primary school in Flood Street in Chelsea before being taken to Spain by his parents. When he returned to complete his studies he joined the Reserve Parachute Regiment.

George has worked in property and as a trader in the stock market and now manages a hedge fune. He now lives in Chelsea with his wife and son, who goes to his former school.

As a member of the English Democrats, George campaigns to put England first, hold a referendum and campaign to leave the EU and for the return of proactive policing of our streets and to free police officers from time-wasting paperwork.


BNP Candidate

British National Party: Brian McDonald. We have received no inforrmation about this candidate.





May 5, 2010