Fulham Foodbank Launch Proves Big Success

Mp Greg Hands and local shoppers support people in crisis

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Fulham foodbank launch
Foodbank Launches in Fulham

The Thrussell Trust

ChristChurch Fulham


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In one of his first duties since being elected MP for Chelsea and Fulham, Greg Hands visited Sainsbury's in Townmead Road last Saturday to help ensure a successful launch for Fulham's first Foodbank.

The Foodbank is a store of food donated by the community which can be distributed to people in crisis, and on the launch day, shoppers were invited to donate one store cupboard item from a list provided at the store's entrance.

Local shoppers gave generously, and the collected food is now being stored at ChristChurch Fulham in Studdridge Street, who have launched the initiative with other local churches.

The Fulham Foodbank is the 51st branch of a national project run by Christian charity The Thrussell Trust, who set it up ten years ago as a direct response to the growing need for emergency relief for people who hit a crisis point in their lives.

Daphine Aikens, project manager of the H&F branch says that the project aims to start giving out food vouchers which can be exchanged for three days' emergency food within the next two weeks.

Daphine says: " We believe that every part of the country could benefit from a foodbank in the recession, and there is a huge amount of need in this borough.

"It's not just people on low incomes who might be affected - many people are having debt problems and they might have to make a choice between paying a bill or eating."

Two further Foodbanks are now planned for Hammersmith and White City.

Anyone wishing to help the Foodbank project can make donations of nonperishable food to Christ Church Fulham in Studdridge Street, at any time.

May 21, 2010