Month of Summer Magic at Barons Court Theatre

Celebrating ten years of illusion in Comeragh Road


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Barons Court Theatre is offering a Festival of Magic from Richard Leigh throughout August.

Over the last ten years, Richard has produced non stop Magic Shows at Barons Court Theatre, all featuring highly acclaimed magic acts and shows.

To celebrate his coming year at Barons Court, the theatre has invited back all of these shows (and some new shows never seen before ) for a grand Festival of Summer Magic.

The festival sees productions changing weekly, plus a special show of magick and mayhem for adults only playing the 10pm shift throughout the season.

The long running show, The Magic Cavern also continues to run on Sundays at 3pm throughout this festival.

Here's what's on offer:

MAGICK AND MAYHEM - a magic show for adults only. Thursdays to Saturdays at 10pm.

THE MAGIC CAVERN - London's long running magic show for the whole family. Sundays at 3pm

9th – 11th August. THE SIDE SHOW OF WONDERS - a magic and illusion show for the whole family set in the fairgrounds of yesteryear. Shows at 3pm, 6pm and 8pm.

16th – 18th August. THE MAGIC SYMPHONY - an astonishing show staged to classical music and set in a miniature fully operational model theatre. Playing cards form the theatre orchestra and the conductor has more than one trick up his sleeve.Shows at 3pm, 6pm and 8pm.

23rd – 25th August. THE ICE CAVE - wonderful visual magic. Water magically turns to ice on command. See the Lady cut into three illusion and then see her float. A great show to close this festival of magic. Shows at 3pm. 6pm and 8pm.

Box Office 020 8932 4747 or book on line at False Impressions.

August 3, 2012