Boris and Kit Malthouse Triumph in London Elections

But Labour take majority of seats in London Assembly


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Boris Johnson has beaten bitter rival Ken Livingstone to win a second term as London's Mayor.

In the West Central Constituency, which includes Hammersmith and Fulham, Conservative candidate Kit Malthouse was elected London Assembly Constituency Member.

After the vote on May 3, the counting went on throughout Friday, with polls predicting a win for Mr Johnson. In the event, the result was closer than expected, with just 3% between him and Mr Livingstone.

Mr Johnson won on second preference votes after failing to gain more than 50% in the first round.

The overall result was 1,054,811 votes for Boris Johnson while the final number of votes for Ken Livingstone was 992,273.

Jenny Jones of the Green Party was third.

In his victory speech the Mayor promised: "I will dedicate myself to making sure that Londoners and above all, young Londoners, are ready to take the jobs that this amazing city creates."

Turnout in the elections was low at just 39%.

In our constituency West Central, Mr Malthouse won a decisive 50.4% of the vote, with a total of 73,761 people voting for him. Labour candidate Todd Foreman was second with 44,630 votes, followed by the Green Party's Susanna Rustin with 12,799.

However, in the London Assembly as a whole, it was a good night for Labour, winning four seats while the Conservatives lost two, Lib Dems lost one and the British National party also lost its single seat.

The Assembly has 25 seats, with 14 local constituency members and 11 London wide members, who represent the whole city. Labour is now the largest party in the Assembly with 12 seats, while the Tories have nine, and the Greens and Lib Dems each have two.

You can see the detailed election results, including a list of London wide members, at London Elects Results 2012.  Hammersmith and Fulham Council has also published the results here.

May 5, 2012