West Ken Residents Defiant after Council Decision

"Their scheme is wrong and we shall see them in court!"

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Residents of West Ken and Gibbs Green Estates say they remain defiant following Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s Cabinet agreed last night, September 3 to enter into a Conditional Land Sale Agreement, or CLSA with developer EC Properties to include their homes in the planned redevelopment of the wider area.

They have released a statement today, September 4, saying:

"150 West Kensington & Gibbs Green residents attended the Council meeting on 3 September to say no to demolition. We addressed the Leader of the Council and his Cabinet – see below for the full text of our deputation addresses. When two of our children stood up to speak, the Majority Councillors stopped them; when our MP tried to speak, they called the guards, closed the meeting and ran away.

"We warned them their scheme is wrong, their process is tainted, and they won’t get away with it. We told them we shall see them in Court, we shall lobby the Government, and we shall never surrender!"

The residents also point out on their blog The People's Estates that Hammersmith MP Andy Slaughter, their elected representative, was refused permission to speak and escorted from the room by a security guard.

He has now released his own statement on events during the meeting.

The blog continues with Deputation Statement, making clear their intention to fight on and take their battle to the courts. You can read the full statement here.

There will be a further protest by the residents at the Town Hall on September 12, when the  council's planning committee is expected to approve outline planning application to redevelop the area, based on Sir Terry Farrell’s masterplan.

September 4, 2012