Ditch Your Old Mobile Phone Chargers

And help Sainsbury's to recycle 150,000

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We all have them lying around forgotten at the back of our drawers, but those old mobile phone chargers can finally come in useful.

Sainsbury's in Townmead Road and Fulham Broadway are both taking part in a new recycling challenge being introduced in the supermarket's stores from July 31.

In the first campaign of its kind, the supermarket hopes to collect and recycle over 150,000 chargers over the next four weeks.

This is the latest Sainsbury's Make the Difference Day, an initiative which means that every Sainsbury's store nationwide joins together to campaign over a specific environmental issue.

It is estimated that there are around 20 million chargers hiding out in the nation's drawers and over one million new chargers pour into the country each year.

Sainsbury's says that collecting the chargers, which altogether would weigh the same as five double decker buses, is a small but important first step.

Neil Sachdev, Sainsbury's property director, says: "We've all got lots of old chargers lying around, and local recycling centres already recycle them, but most people are unaware of this. By running this campaign, we hope to raise awareness of charger recycling facilities, while at the same time preventing nearly 40 tonnes of waste from going to landfill.

"We're really excited to see how much of a difference we can make. Only 280,000 chargers are currently recycled each year, so if we hit our target of 150,000, we could increase recycling rates by over 50 per cent.

"This initiative was originally suggested by Sainsbury's colleagues, who are passionate about engaging customers and making it easier for them to lead more environmentally responsible lives."

Sainsbury's Townmead Road manager Dave Murray says: "Sainsbury's stores aim to make a positive difference to the local community so we are looking for Fulham customers to support this month-long recycling initiative. With your support, we really can not just make a difference to our drawer space, but ultimately, we can reduce landfill waste. Our colleagues can't wait to support this event in store".

Sainsbury's already has a recycling scheme for mobile phones, sat-navs and similar items but chargers themselves are harder to recycle - they are small and many people don't know they can be recycled, meaning most of them end up in landfill.

Sainsbury's, which was commended in 2009 in the Consumer Focus report "Green to the Core" for its customer recycling, has teamed up with Valpak and We Are What We Do for this initiative.

Valpak will collect the chargers from Sainsbury's taking them to a recycling company in Daventry. The chargers are taken apart and the plastic recycled back into new chargers amongst other things. The metals enter the metal recycling market.

July 30, 2010