Boris Bikes Launch at Westfield

Docking station open in Shepherd's Bush from Thursday

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The Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme is launching outside Westfield in Shepherd's Bush on Thursday, March 8.

The new docking station is part of a major "phase two" expansion of the Boris Bikes scheme, which will also see thousands more cycles installed across East London from this week.

The new docking stations are at Westfield Ariel Way, Westfield Eastern Access Road One and Westfield Southern Terrace.

In September last year, an application was made to Hammersmith and Fulham council for installation of a Barclays Cycle hire docking station on the footway of Westfield Access Road (under the West Cross Route Flyover) containing a maximum of 82 docking points and two terminals.

Residents throughout Hammersmith and Fulham were also asked  by the council to suggest locations for up to 60 local docking station across the borough, each capable of holding at least 24 bikes.

At the time, Cllr Nick Botterill, H&F Council Deputy Leader said: " Once we have a comprehensive list of possible sites drawn up we will feed this back to TfL so that the suggestions put forward will include the ones that the community wants. It is then up to TfL to decide which suggestions are feasible."

It is planned for these extra locations to appear in 2013 as part of the "phase three" westward expansion of the scheme, with docking stations installed in Wandsworth, Hammersmith & Fulham, Lambeth and Kensington & Chelsea.

However, questions are already being asked about the funding of this expansion. Though the new docking stations in Shepherd's Bush are being paid for by Westfield, it has been revealed by Mayorwatch that councils involved in the scheme, including Hammersmith and Fulham, will each be contributing up to £2 million of taxpayers' money.

H&F Council have since confirmed this is the case, adding that the money will be found in  a variety of ways, including developer funding. This presumably means that large developers currently building in the borough, such as St George, the company behind current developments Chelsea Creek and Fulham Reach, will be expected to contribute.

However, a spokesman for the council justifies its part of the expenditure, saying: " We recognise the importance of having a variety of ways of getting around our small, congested borough."

March 7, 2012