Apothecary Gallery Presents The Captured Shadow

Beautiful Botanical Photograms from Angela Easterling

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The Apothecary

Angela Easterling

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The Apothecary Gallery in Greyhound Road, W6 is hosting The Captured Shadow, an exhibition of unique botanical photograms created by artist Angela Easterling.

Through her photograms Angela has developed her own personal style of botanical photography. Her images are created without using a camera - instead, by placing a plant or flower on photosensitive paper and exposing it in the sun, an impression of colour and shape is generated, with the effects of natural light and humidity at the time of exposure ensuring astonishing and unpredictable results.

In some cases an eerie halo or aura appears around the image, possibly recording substances that the plant is emitting, be it gas, vapour or oils.

As no camera is involved there are no negatives and each image is unique.

Angela, who has an ongoing relationship with the Eden Project, has taken part in two tropical expeditions making photograms of critically endangered plants. Some of these images were exhibited at Kew and at Chelsea Flower Show.

The Captured Shadow can be seen at The Apothecary, at 33 Greyhound Road until July 3. The gallery says if you wish to see the exhibition please call first to check that the gallery space is open for viewing, as it is also used for treatments and classes. Contact The Apothecary on 020 7381 5727 or email info@londonapothecary.co.uk.

May 25, 2010