Met Office Issues Heatwave Warning for London

Public Health England offers advice on staying safe in high temperatures

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The Met Office has issued a heat wave warning for London as temperatures are set to rise over the next few days.

The heat-health alert level two covers the capital, the south east, east of England, and the Midlands. This means that there is 60% probability of heat wave conditions between 8am on Friday, July 18 and 8am on Sunday.

Temperatures are likely to be in the low 30s Celsius while at night, temperatures are also expected to be well above average, at around 20 Celsius.

While for many, this is a glorious spell of sunshine, Public Health England has issued guidance on how to stay safe and well, as some people are particularly vulnerable in the heat.

Those who are more at risk than others include people with heart, respiratory and serious health problems as the heat can make these conditions worse. Babies and young children are also especially at risk.

Ensure you drink plenty of water, wear a hat and sunscreen and keep an eye on vulnerable people around you.

Danger symptoms to watch out for in hot weather include:
- feeling faint and dizzy
- shortness of breath
- vomiting
- increasing confusion.

Take immediate action if danger symptoms of heatstroke are present and cool down as quickly as possible. A&E should only be used in an emergency so avoid unnecessary visits if your symptoms are mild.

Click here to read the full advice from Public Health England and read more on how to stay safe in a heat wave from the NHS.

For more information on the heatwave, visit the Met Office


July 17, 2014