Services in Fulham

When you need a plumber, dentist or a piano-teacher, the first thing you do is ask friends and neighbour in Fulham for recommendations. You can do that here, too. 

Members are encouraged to make suggestions of service-providers from whom they have received good value and service.

Also tell us about bad service and if somebody gets consistently poor press we won't include them on the site.

We have a comprehensive listing of all local services in our Fulham Directory.

Services Categories

  • Home improvement - plumbers, electricians, caprenters, architects.
  • Personal - Pilates, fitness, massage, lifestyle management, personal development and computers, photographers
  • Beauty - Hairdressers, beauty salons, tanning etc.
  • Professional - Solicitors, financial advice, public relations
  • Household - cleaners, window cleaning, ironing etc.
  • Cars - Mini-cabs, driving lessons, car servicing
  • Child care - nannies, au pairs, nurseries and playgroups
  • Computers - Services for home and business


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