Sulivan Primary School's Future is Secure

After council cabinet overturns decision to close it

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Sulivan Primary School's future is secure after a decision to close it was overturned by Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s cabinet on Monday September 1.

Following the local election in May which saw Labour take over from the previous Tory administration, new council leader Cllr Stephen Cowan announced in June his intention to review the decision made in February in light of changes to the borough's housing policy.

Anyone who wanted to share their opinions on the proposals for the two schools was given until Tuesday 12 August to do so.

The council’s new approach to housing policy emphasises the need for new affordable homes to rent, which is likely to increase demand for primary school places.

This could have a particular impact on the south Fulham riverside development, where 1,000 extra homes are being built, meaning that places at Sulivan and New King’s would be needed for local children.

The news comes as new primary school results show Sulivan to be among the highest achievers in the borough, with 94% of its pupils reaching all their targets, including 100 % in maths

Cllr Stephen Cowan says: "The latest results from Sulivan are outstanding and the children, parents and teachers should be extremely proud of such a wonderful school.

" We have a democratic mandate to build homes Londoners can afford to buy or rent which means we need a radical change to local housing policies. There is evidence this change will result in rising demand for primary places which means we need to keep open this excellent school of choice."

The council says that overall it received 51 responses to the consultation, with 47 positive responses in favour of the proposals to save Sulivan Primary.


September 4, 2014