"Team Sulivan" Go to Downing Street

Children sing as petition against school closure is delivered

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Local residents, teachers, parents and children from Fulham's Sulivan Primary School have visited 10 Downing Street on Friday, January 31 to deliver a petition protesting against the decision by Hammersmith and Fulham cabinet to close the school.

Sulivan School representatives visit Downing Street

Children from the school waved balloons and sang as the petition was delivered this morning.

The highly controversial decision by H & F Council to close the school to make way for Fulham Boys School, a secondary free school for boys, has been "called in" by the Education Select Committee with a meeting set for Wednesday February 5 at 10am in the Small Hall of Hammersmith Town Hall.

On Wednesday councillors at a full council meeting refused a request to move the meeting to a more usual evening slot when more members of the public would be able to attend.

Many supporters of Sulivan School attending the council meeting were also astonished to see that, while the future of their school was being debated by colleagues including Cllr Stephen Cowan, Deputy Mayor Adronie Alford appeared to be spending her time sewing.

Debate over Sulivan School in Fulham


This video is now available on YouTube.

Angry campaigners called Cllr Alford's actions "insensitive" and "totally disrespectful" and on their blog, pointed out: "For reference, the basic allowances as a Deputy Mayor and Ward Cllr come to £15, 123 per year".


January 31, 2014