Protest Meeting at Sands End Community Centre

Residents gather to save community facilities

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Residents of Sands End are gathering at the local Community Centre in Broughton Road on Friday, October 8 at 11am for a meeting to protest against the council's decision to close the community centre, which also acts as the local library, as well as the nearby Sand End Playhouse, which is also threatened after having its funding removed by Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

The council announced in July it planned to sell off nine "under-used" council buildings, including the community centre and Fulham Town Hall to help pay off debts. The sell-off also fits in with its plans to centralise library facilities, and close smaller libraries in Baron's Court and Sands End.

The Sands End Action Group have produced an online petition, where they explain: " The Sands End Community Centre, tucked away in the back streets, is well used by those who know it and those who need its facilities. An affordable gym, table tennis, badminton, a small library which runs reading/story telling sessions for local children, with computers and a place for pensioners to read the daily papers.

" There's a crèche, dance & fitness studios and craft workshops - a jewellery and stained glass studio and a well equipped pottery - Fulham used to be famous for its pottery. Age Well, NHS Rehab, Sure Start and sports sessions for the disabled are run here.

" In proposing to close the library - on the grounds that few books are borrowed - the council is ignoring the broad use that is made of it by local people during the day and evening. Everyone is welcome at the Centre and people of all ages, cultures and means can mix together here; and for some less mobile or lonely people it is a lifeline.

"If the council sells the building to developers they will destroy a COMMUNITY centre."

The Save Sands End Playhouse campaign began in July after staff at Sands End Association Projects in Action, SEAPIA, who manage the Playhouse, were informed that the council was cutting off its funding of £94,000 a year.

The group have set up a page on Facebook to look at other ways of funding the Playhouse, which has offered a drop-in service for children under school age for nearly 40 years.

October 7, 2010




October 7, 2010

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