Fulham Road Pavements to be Improved

Work will last six weeks from Monday July 5

H & F Environment and Planning

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 Work will begin on improving pavements on Fulham Road on Monday, July 5 and continue for around six weeks.

The council says the work, whch is being funded by Chelsea Football Club has been programmed during the closed football season to minimise disruption.

According to the council, the footway works will improve accessibility for local residents and businesses as well as for football supporters.

The works include:

Repaving the footways on the north side of Fulham Road between Bovril Court and Stamford Bridge, on the south side between Maxwell Road and Stamford Bridge.

De-clutter redundant street furnitues and signs

The two fire barriers linking Fulham Road and Holmead Road will be combined into one barrier

Minor kerb line adjustments will be made on the southern footway of Fulham Road on either side of the pedestrian crossing.

However, the footways on both sides of Stamford Bridge next to the borough boundary with Kensington and Chelsea will be repaved at a later date.

The council says this will be completed in conjunction with the proposed redevelopment of the  Thames Water sites opposite Walsingham Mansions.

Development of this site, currently a local eyesore, has been long awaited by local people.

July 2, 2010