Save the Trees in Normand Park!

Park Friends appeal for help with email campaign  

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Friends of Normand Park

Normand Park


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The Friends of Normand Park are making an urgent appeal to local people to support their campaign to save a row of 31 trees adjoining the Lillie Road park.

The Friends' spokeswoman, Annette Albert explains: " The trees form a boundary between Queens Club Gardens and Normand Park - they are mature, beautiful and in an area with a dearth of greenery we need every tree we can get.

" Queen's Club Gardens Management Committee have been requested by their underwriters to fell the trees as they are causing problems with garages on their site which would result in the loss of the trees.

" Queen's Club Gardens needs to find a way of dealing with the garage problems without the need of felling the trees."

Hammersmith and Fulham Council is so far supporting the campaign. The council arboriculturalist has visited the threatened tress, and objects to cutting them down as the professional view is that these are middle aged trees and seem to be in good condition: 27 poplars, 1 sycamore, 1 plane and 2 Norway maples.

The trees are the highest in the area, visible from Normand Road, and are of value to the park users and to the residents in the Queen's Club Gardens flats.

On 4 September the council took out Tree Preservation Order T/365/08/09 and will spend just 28 days considering whether to confirm the order, or drop it and allow the trees to be cut down. Anyone affected by the order (such as users of Normand Park) has until 20th October to register any comments. Comments must comply with all these regulations:

- Be in writing
- Be in a stamped addressed envelope, posted in time to arrive at LBHF by 20th October
- Specify which trees are concerned (31 trees backing onto Normand Park, in Tree Preservation Order T/365/08/09)
- State the reason for any objection

Comments must be sent to:

Adam O'Neil
Urban Design and Conservation team (Planning Division)
Environment Services
Third Floor
Hammersmith Town Hall extension
King Street
London W6 9JU

Friends of Normand Park have their own page on Facebook, which you can find simply by logging on and searching for them by name.

September 16, 2009

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