Anyone for Polo?

Horsing around in Hurlingham

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Polo in the Park

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The posh people's sport polo has been given a dramatic update to create a fast paced new televised event - and it's all happening in Fulham.

Polo in the Park will run for three days, starting on June 5 at the Hurlingham Club and the adjacent Hurlingham Park and promises to "cast off its mysterious shadow" and make polo fun for all.

The World series has been devised by a new breakaway group called the World Polo Association, whose chairman, Daniel Fox-Davies declares: " For the first time in 70 years, the hallowed turf of Hurlingham will once again thunder with the hooves of a fast and furious polo match."

To make the sport more exciting to watch, some rules have been removed and some new ones added, such as the addition of a basketball style ring which players will be encourage to aim for.

Polo in the Park is part of the World Polo Series, and will feature teams from six major cities around the world - Mumbai, Moscow, Paris, Shanghai and New York City as well as London. The home team consists of Jack Kidd, well known polo player and brother Jodie, former England captain Henry Brett, Jamie Morrison, son of the legendary Brian and up and coming player Kirsty Craig.

Polo in the Park has the full support of London Mayor Boris Johnson and Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

To celebrate the launch of Polo in the Park, children from St John's Walham Green CE Primary School were treated to a private polo lesson from the London team, learning to whack the ball and sit properly on wooden training horses, before posing with supermodel polo player Jodie Kidd.

February 16, 2009