It's Official - Fulham is the Happiest Place in London

The Happy Forecast says Parsons Green is "positively radiant"

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  Fulham is the happiest place in London, with Parsons Green, at its centre positively radiant, according to Clubhouse Studios' Happy Forecast.

Ther verdict is the result of a year-long project looking into the social environments of 119 postcodes in London.

Creative agency Clubhouse Studios says it worked with Professor Dacher Keltner of the University of California, Berkeley using a technique he developed called the "Jen Ratio", which measures social wellbeing within shared spaces.

Researchers collected data by visiting every one of the postcodes in London and studying

Clubhouse Studios co-founder Dan Coppock says the Happy Forecast – which is available as an interactive map online - aims to encourage Londoners to be more mindful of their actions as they move through the city.

Dan, who believs that interest in the science of being happy is growing steadily, says: " We undertook this year-long observational study as a general health-check for the city's public spaces and the effect Londoners have on each other as they move through them.

" The Happy Forecast focuses on what psychologists call transitory public sociality - how strangers inferact with one another within public spaces.

" Research shows that sharing the same space for even just a few minutes a day with kind and friendly strangers makes us more optimistic, improves our self-esteem and helps us connect with our environment.

"Our hope is for Londoners to have more positive interactions with passers-by to try and brighten up the city."

Parsons Green topped the Happy Forecast with Upper Norwood and Dulwich Vilage close behind.

July 3, 2015