The Day Michael Jackson Came to Craven Cottage

Fulham fans remember the King of Pop's visit

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Fans of Fulham FC have been swapping memories of the

day Craven Cottage had its most famous visitor ... the

King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Message boards have been buzzing with talk of the day in April 1999 when, to the crowd's astonishment, Michael Jackson showed up at Craven Cottage unannounced as a guest of owner Mohamed Al Fayed.

Jacko completed a lap of honour around the pitchen under a Fulham umbrella then, wearing a Fulham scarf, watched the match from the Riverside Stand and saw Fulham beat Wigan 2-0.

Afterwards the superstar met excited young fans and signed autographs. On the official Fulham FC messageboard, a fan called Scoopie 157 recalls: " My local team and I were taking the penalties at half time for this game, Mr Al Fayed came and greated us and then introduced us to MJ, was the most sureal thing, very nice gentleman who was happy to talk and shake hands. Always remember him stating 'I hope you score your penalty'. "

Scoopie added: " Great day, great man, great music. Legend!"

Afterwards Michael was interviewed by Piers Morgan for the Daily Mirror, where he talked about his friendship with Mohamed Al Fayed, describing him as "very wise and creative, talented and kind-hearted" and about his visit to Fulham, which had obviously had an impact on him.

He said: "I knew nothing about soccer and I've never been to any sporting event, so it was a great experience for me. I'm a soccer fan now, definitely. I'm addicted.

" It was so exciting and passionate - the fans were like the people who come to my concerts. They were screaming and shouting and cheering their players on. I loved it. I wanted to jump up and start dancing because I'm used to performing on stage when I hear all that noise. The fans were great, although they seemed pretty surprised to see me."

At the time, Fulham were in the Second Division and new fan Michael added: " I have no doubt that Fulham will be promoted, they seemed a really good team with a great spirit. I met all the players and they were so kind to me."

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June 27, 2009