Election Day Cheat Sheet

Everything you need to know about voting

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If you have been living in a bubble for the past few weeks, happily ignoring all the election noise around you, here, in a nutshell, is what to do when you reach the polling booth.

1. Find your local polling station
Polling stations will be open from 7am - 10pm

2. Assuming you have already registered to vote, you will be given two ballot papers.

3. On the white ballot paper, choose ONE of these candidates to represent you in Parliament:

Greg Hands (Conservative Party)

Alex Hilton (Labour Party)

Dirk Hazell (Liberal Democrats)

Julia Stephenson (Green Party)

Tim Gittos (UKIP)

Godfrey Spickernell (Blue Environment Party)

Roland Courtenay (New Independent Conservative Party)

George Roseman (English Democrats)

Brian McDonald (British National Party)

4. For the council elections, check which ward you live in.

5. On the yellow ballot paper, choose any THREE candidates from your ward to sit on the Borough council, or TWO if you live in Palace Riverside.

Candidates nominated for council elections

At 10pm, ballot boxes are sealed and taken to Hammersmith Town Hall for the count. If no recounts are necessary, the council expects to declare the two parliamentary seats of Hammersmith and Chelsea and Fulham by around 5am on Friday 7 May.

The count for the council elections will start at 10am on May 7 and results for each ward will come through during the afternoon.



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