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Fulham's own film star Daniel Radcliffe has been talking about his new role in the ghost story The Woman in Black, being produced by the recently revived Hammer Films.

Daniel, who celebrated his 21st birthday last month with a party in the Russian city of St Petersburg, will play the very grown up role of a lawyer called Arthur Kipps, who is sent to an old house in a remote village which turns out to be haunted.

He admitted to the LA Times that he was "worried" about the part, which is very different from his role as young wizard Harry Potter.

" The challenge is to look like a dad and a young father. If I get that right, that is something that immediately separates me from Harry," he said.

" The script is so good and the characters are so clear, there is actually reduced pressure on me to be constantly 'different' if you know what I mean; in other words, once people are into the story, they’ll be watching this really compelling movie and will stop — I hope — thinking about me.

" People really have only ever seen my face with glasses on it - that’s going to change in this movie."

Daniel, who has recently been snapped strolling around Fulham with Olive Uniacke, 19, the stepdaughter of Harry Potter producer David Heyman, also talked in the interview about his last day working with his co-stars from the films. "It was emotional for the entire cast," he said. "We, all three of us - me, Emma - we just wept."

Earlier this month, he rejoined the cast at a wrap party for the saga's two part final chapter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

" Working is how I will best get through a very weird time," he said. " I know it’s the most constructive thing I can do because otherwise I’d be moping around and being a bit like, 'Oh, I miss everyone...' So, I'm quite pleased to go on to the next thing and the next challenge."

The Woman in Black, based on a novel by Susan Hill, has been adapted for the screen by Jonathan Ross' wife Jane Goldman, and directed by James Watkins for Hammer Films, who of course made many classic British horror films such as Dracula and The Curse of Frankenstein.

Daniel said: " I am incredibly excited to be part of The Woman In Black. Jane Goldman's script is beautifully written - both tender and terrifying in equal measure.

" It is thrilling to be working with James Watkins. From his brilliant work on Eden Lake and also having met him and heard his vision for the film, I know he will make a fantastic film."

Production on the film is due to begin in autument. When it is completed, Daniel is scheduled to begin working on a remake of the German World War One story, All Quiet on the Western Front.


10, August 2010

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