End of Year Message from Sgt Mick Macdonald

Report from Parsons Green and Walham SNT

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The policing year ended on March 31, and we are now into a new year. Last year, as a result of our annual ward survey conducted in December 2008, our top three priorities for last year were:

1. Residential Burglary 2. Robbery/phone snatch 3. Thefts from vehicles

Below are the statistics for this ward over the last three policing years

April 1- March  31   2007/8   2008/9  2009/10

Residential Burglary   127       112        81

Robbery/snatch        74         38         60

Thefts from vehicles  256     125         252

So, you will see that whilst we have seen yet another reduction in burglary, we haven't fared so well in our other two priorities. It has been disappointing, but it might be mitigated somewhat by the fact that last year's success in the second and third priorities makes this year's results appear worse. We are still below the crime figures for two years ago.

Additionally, whereas almost 60% of our victims of car crime in 2008/9 were local residents, in 2009/10 that proportion decreased to 34%. This means in effect that of the total of 252 crimes, less than 90 local residents were affected.

In the past year, officers from the Parsons Green & Walham team have arrested, or have been directly involved in the arrests of the following people: three for burglary, seven for robbery, two for theft, one for assault, two for the sale of illegal DVDs, two for immigration offences, seven for handling stolen goods, one for breaching an ASBO, eight for thefts from vehicles, two for theft of motor vehicles, two for supplying drugs, five for going equipped to steal, one for indecent exposure, two for public order offences, one for a rape (which did not happen on this borough) and two for criminal damage.

In addition we have made ten cannabis seizures, exercised 153 stop and search powers, asked 582 people to account for their presence in the area, seized two dangerous dogs, issued two Penalty Notices for Disorder (£80 fine) and we have issued fourteen Fixed Penalty Notices for cycling offences.

I would like to thank those of you who completed our most recent ward survey and returned it to us. We have now analysed the results and our top three priorities for 2010/11 are:

1. Thefts from vehicles 2. Residential burglary 3. Robbery/snatch

This does not preclude us from dealing with other issues that cause concern, but we have to prioritise our resources to deal with the issues that cause concern to the majority of people first. We undertake to deal with matters that cause concern to individuals and this can be seen in the variety of issues my officers have made arrests or issued fines for.

At the recent Borough Crime Summit the issue of cycling offences emerged as an issue for representatives of almost every ward on the borough, and about five people out of the 104 we surveyed also raised it. We will continue to deal with offenders as and when we encounter them so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Officers from Parsons Green & Walham ward are committed to providing a common sense approach to your concerns and we want to thank you for your efforts over the last year. The ward population is around 10,500, so there are many more of you than us. Please keep your eyes and ears open for any suspicious behaviour and call it in. For non-emergencies, please call 0300 123 1212 and of course as always, 999 in an emergency.