Met Police Open Heritage Centre

Exhibits dating back almost 200 years on Lillie Road

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Ancient truncheons, maps, instruction books and even the uniform worn by the first TV policeman, Dixon of Dock Green are on display at The Met Collection heritage centre, a showcase of Scotland Yard's historical exhibits at the Empress State Building on Lillie Road, close to West Brompton station.

Maggie Bird, Curator of the Met Collection, says: "It's a small space but we believe we are making the best use of it. We

will rotate some of the 15,000 items from the police archives, which include uniforms, old maps of London, police equipment, a World War II display and much, much more…"

Martin Tiplady, Director of Human of Resources for the Met adds: " The Met has so much history it's great to be able to share that with the people we serve.

" The Met Collection building will have a dual purpose, mixing old with the new. We will host recruitment events there and have a permanent careers advice area so new staff and officers coming into the Met will be inspired and get a sense of our history and pride."

The Met Collection is open from 10am till 4pm every weekday and admission is free. For more information, call 020 7161 1234.

June 26, 2009