Greg Hands Visits Giveacar

Local MP explores benefits of donating scrap cars for charity

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Greg Hands


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Greg Hands, MP for Chelsea and Fulham, took time out of his busy schedule this week to answer calls to local social enterprise Giveacar.

Giveacar, based in Riverbank House by Putney Bridge, is a non-profit organisation which scraps people’s unwanted cars and donates the proceeds to the owners’ charity of choice.

Mr Hands was visiting Giveacar to find out how local councils in his constituency could best remove unwanted cars from the streets, whilst minimising environmental impact and supporting local communities.

He spoke with Giveacar manager Alex Harvey, who described how Giveacar has, over the last two years raised more than £500,000 for charity by scrapping thousands of cars.

Greg Hands visits Giveacar

Alex says: " We were extremely pleased to give Mr Hands an insight into how the scrapping of unwanted cars can help to protect the environment and benefit a wide range of good causes. It is great to see the local MP actively responding to local organisations like ours.

" We discussed how local councils could change their views of scrap cars, from seeing them merely as a nuisance to be dealt with to regarding them as a resource which could be used to support the work of local community organisations.

" The idea is that any car that is abandoned or scrapped in the local area sees the profits generated through the Giveacar scheme going straight back into local charities.

" One scrapped car raises an average of £100, which might represent a lifeline for a small charity. If we can help to encourage councils to scrap cars through our scheme, and then pass the money on to good causes, we would leap at the opportunity."

Mr Hands says: " I commend Giveacar for not only helping to clear the streets of unsightly and potentially dangerous scrap cars, but also for coming up with an imaginative new way of fundraising for charities.

"Having spent a little time at the Giveacar offices near Putney Bridge, it is clear to me that Giveacar’s knowledge and experience could benefit both local councils and, through them, the people that they serve. I hope that we have the opportunity to work together in the future, helping to make our streets safer and our communities stronger."

Giveacar was launched in 2010, when founder Tom Chance saw the opportunity for charity fundraising offered by old and unwanted cars. Having established the business and created employment opportunities, Tom Chance has since stepped back from Giveacar, which now operates throughout the United Kingdom and has supported the work of hundreds of registered charities up and down the country.

Some of those who have benefited included local organisations Trinity Hospice and the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, national charities such as the Alzheimer's Society and Marie Curie Cancer Care and less well known causes such as the Thera Trust and Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land.

Once a car owner contacts Giveacar, the company handles all the paperwork, arranges collection and is on hand to provide support throughout the process. They then ensure that the car is then broken down and the parts sold for scrap, or if the car is worth more than just its scrap value, they will see that it is sent to auction. The proceeds are then passed to the owner’s chosen charity.

To donate a car, call 020 0011 1664 or visit the website and Giveacar says it will take care of the rest.

January 20, 2012



January 20, 2012

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